Skip Bin Hire Geelong - Frequently Asked Questions

How many days can I hire the skip bins?
Skip bin hire typically includes up to 7 days hire, however if the skip bin is needed longer we can organize a longer hire period with an additional charge. If you need the skip bin collected earlier than 7 days, just let us know during the quote & booking stage.

Do I need a Geelong council permit to hire a skip bin?
If the skip bin sits on your property away from the nature strip, a Geelong council permit isn’t required. A Geelong council permit is only required if you’re planning to have the skip placed on the nature strip, footpath or on a road.

What size skip bin should I hire?
If your rubbish looks approximately like it would take only a few trips to the tip with a small trailer then the 3 to 4 cubic metre skip bins would be suitable to hire. If your rubbish looks like it would take half a dozen trips to the tip, then the 5, 6 or even 8 cubic metre skip bins would be suitable for hire. If you have a large quantity of waste material to dispose of, then the 8, 10 or 12 cubic metre skips bins would be ideal to hire.

If you’re still unsure, we recommend browsing our various skips bins sizing pages and marking out the different sizes with a tape measure to gauge what size would be the most ideal for your waste materials.

Why are prices difference for different waste materials?
The City of Greater Geelong council tip fee’s vary from item to item. Some waste products are much cheaper to dispose of than other waste products and other waste materials are costly to dispose of.

Why can’t I put some products in the skip bin?
Dangerous waste products such as asbestos (old fibro sheeting), acids & chemicals are a health hazard to you, to us, the road users around our trucks and the Geelong council tip employee’s. For those types of hazardous materials, we recommend contacting the city of Greater Geelong council for advice on how to safely dispose of those items.
Waste materials such as oil, liquids and gas bottles are a hazard to road users and to the Geelong council tip employee’s.

How can I stop neighbours filling up my skip bin?
When you’re not actively using the skip bin through the day & especially overnight, tie down a tarp over the skip with some rope which will deter any would be skip bin fillers.